my collection

  1. hi every1.. here is my collection.. :smile:
    thank you for looking ^_^
  2. Sweet collection ^_^
  3. seems very nice, thx:yes:
  4. Love the variety of your collection!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. nice collection. I like your variety. I can only dream to have as many bags as all of you
  6. omfg!! grrr.. I have been looking for that Juicy Couture Daydreamer in those colors for soo long. Ive been to so many stores but they keep saying its sold out since its last seasons colors! grrrr hahaha. but i love your collection! well done! especially the chanel..
  7. Oooh love the Chanel flap bag, so cute !
  8. i love your diverse collection i hope mines like yours one day
  9. thank u all for the comments =) i also fell in luv with the blue chanel at the first sight though i was confused buying the lux or the classic flap :wondering
  10. Gorgeous collection!
  11. I love that Chanel! Congrats!
  12. Wow! :nuts:
  13. Great collection...thanks for sharing!
  14. very nice
  15. Is that a BLUE chanel? oh so green w/ jealousy! Great collection