My collection =)

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  1. I've been meaning to share for a while, and being sick at home alone kind of pushed me along that path.

    Right now the royal clutch and harewood nikki are in the heaviest rotation but I'm sure you'll see from the handles on the tomato MAM and scarlet MAB, I do spread the love around. =)

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  2. Love your collection!!!
  3. Great collection!! Thank you for sharing! We also have a "post your collection" sticky in the reference liabrary you should add a few pics there too!
  4. amazing collection!!! the colours are gorgeous :drool: the only shot we're missing is a minkie pile ;)
  5. Wow! I love your collection. Especially the MACs!
  6. Very nice, I loving the Nikkis
  7. Nice!
  8. Here ya go. =)

    Thanks, everyone!

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  9. Great collection. Love the Harewood Nikki! Looks yummy!
  10. Wow you've got a lot of great bags, I'm in love with the tomato mam
  11. gorgeous collection!
  12. I love your collection!!!
  13. I love how every bag is they're in their puddly your collection! you have a bit of everything!
  14. I love your collection!!! Your Tomato MAM looks really yummy!!!
  15. Great Diversity in oyur collection! I am loving that harewood nikki! GAWH! There is one on ebay!