My collection...

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  1. Its nothing compared to some of the collections I've seen posted, but I'm working on expanding it. I'm on the prowl for a white watercolor speedy 30
  2. Awesome collection!! LVOE the Pegases and the Bedfords!!
  3. Great collection!!!
  4. I love your collection!
  5. great collection, many wallets :smile:
  6. Beautiful! Don't you love your Monogram Mat Stockton?
  7. Thankies everyone! I love love this forum! I love that there are so many LV lovers out there with beautiful collections.
    ^ I've only used that bag once:shame: Its too big so I use it when I travel.
  8. Very nice collection!!! Love the suitcases as well!!!!
  9. Nice collection. Congrats.
  10. What a beautiful collection!!!
  11. Wow, Lola that is insanely awesome :heart::nuts:
    You'd love the store I go to here, they have a nice variety of LV's :graucho:
  12. Lola im in heaven love everything. stunning!!!!!!

  13. They had the watercolor speedy where you live don't they?!?!?!???!!!! LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. You have FABULOUS pieces!!! And all so well cared for, in fantastic condition :biggrin:
  15. Great collection, love your Mat Stockton.