My collection

  1. I have so many bags, its ridiculous. I have a ton of Coach bags, 2 Dooneys, many LeSportsacs (including an L.A.M.B. hobo!!), and my random no-name bags.

    First try- my chihuahua Reba was investigating what was going on, lol.

    My Coach collection. Top row- black Soho bucket bag from the outlet, Hamptons Weekender bag. 2nd row- Soho striped bag from outlet, Hamptons hobo (last year, it was a graduation gift from my best friend), Soho pink eyeglass case, and a blue hobo. 3rd row- blue demi from outlet, white polka dot bag from outlet, plaid demi from the outlet, its my first Coach bag. 4th row- blue wristlet from outlet, pink Optic Lurex Signature, black wristlet from outlet. Last row- purple suede wristlet with corset lacing from outlet, black mini signature mini skinny, purple Soho mini signature wallet, and white Hamptons wristlet (graduation gift from my other best friend). One of my bags is missing from this collection, a navy blue leather demi, and 2 wristlets- pink Optic Lurex signature one that clasps shut and a Soho striped one that matches my bag.

    My Hamptons hobos- the white and the large gold one are my newest ones, I just bought them, the black one I recieved last year, along with the white wristlet.

    My Dooneys- I bought the black star tote along with the wristlet at the outlet a few weeks ago, and the white barrel bag I've had for 4 years, as you can tell, lol. I also have the matching wristlet, but I can't find it.

    My Dior Hardcore wallet.
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Lovely collection!!! I LOVE your Dior wallet!!!:love:
  4. Nice collection, your dior wallet rocks!
  5. Thanks!!! I still haven't used my wallet, I really want to but I'm so afraid that I'm gonna somehow ruin it.
  6. I'm in love with the wallet too!! :biggrin:
  7. awww man, I love that dotted coach. Wish i had picked something up before it was gone.
    Nice collection thanks for sharing.
  8. you have a lovely collection.. very colorful..
  9. Wow great collection!! I love the Coach stuff.
  10. Haha... Nice bags.. .and cute pup!
  11. Oooh the Dior wallet is so cute !
  12. Cute collection ... that Dior wallet does rock! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Thanks for sharing. Cute collection!
  14. Wonderful collection!
  15. Great collection! I like the Dior wallet too.