My Collection!

  1. My bag obsession started a year ago when I bought my first designer bag, the speedy. I thought it was a phase I would grow out of in a couple months...I was wrong! I'm more obsessed than ever!
    louisvuitton_speedycerise.jpg louisvuitton_pochettepmp.jpg escada_green.jpg escada_hardware.jpg balenciaga_ink.jpg dior_saddlepouch.jpg
  2. Bump!
  3. LOVE them all, esp. your Escada bag!!!:love:
  4. Gorgeous ink Bbag! :smile:
  5. very cute pieces! :heart:
  6. I like your CD pieces, very cute collection.
  7. your collection is so cute
    i want a speedy bad!
  8. and and i love your bbag alot
  9. I loooove your collection. I saw those Escada bags in Singapore when I was there...I've always wanted one in pink!! Love your cerise cles and saddle pouch too. Lovely!
  10. Aww.. I love the Dior pieces, so cute !
  11. I love your cerise paired with the speedy, and the green escada, and of course the balenciaga!!! the dior "wapity" is super cute too! I've never seen one like that!
  12. The smaller Dior piece is so cute. What is it?
  13. They are all beautiful!!! And the pics are so professional looking! Nice job!:yes:
  14. Nice collection! I'm glad to see another fellow Albertan here!
  15. thanks everyone!