My collection

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  1. I love your Gucci and the LV Damier!!!! Thanks for posting pics!
  2. Your bags are HOT!!!
  3. Pink bag with the gold chains? It's Juicy Couture.
  4. I really like the Gucci! And the damier papillon. I have one, too :nuts: Great collection!
  5. The purse retail value is $425 but I found it at Marshalls for $149.99. It's kind of cute. They had a smaller size but it was in a lime green color so I didn't get it. Lime green is out right?

    I don't know if I should keep it or return it. What's your feed back?
  6. I love your pink Juicy bag! So cute... you have a very nice collection. :smile:
  7. great collection! i really love your gucci.. and that boy of yours sounds like such a sweetie :smile:
  8. That Gucci hobo is such a looker, that's very sweet of your boyfriend to buy you one. Very nice collection!
  9. Very nice collection ... love the Gucci horsebit!
  10. gorgeous collection! i like everything!!!
  11. I like your Gucci hobo too - and the pink bag to the left of it is cute!!!
  12. Cute! Whats that plum colored double pocket bag?
  13. it's a hype bag
  14. wooow
    love ur bags...thanx for sharing
  15. You won't get ANY help here! :lol::lol::lol:
    It gets way worse especially in the marketplace!