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  1. Hi, I'm Jinsun. I just joined a few days ago. I'm 23 and I live in NC. My first handbag was purchased from Coach in 2001. I only knew about Coach then in 2004 and purchased my first two LV bags. This past Christmas my bf bought me a Gucci hobo. I have a few Vera Bradley bags, Kenneth cole, and other misc bags.

    I want the CD saddle bag, Chloe paddington and the Fendi Spy. I'm also into designer jeans. I'm trying to tone things down so far but it's not going to well. Someone help. :biggrin:

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  2. LOVE the hobo & the Damier papillon - cute collection!
    And I can't help bc I'm probably just as bad as you!
  3. Love the Gucci! Great collection!
  4. i loooooooove that gucci! and i have that baby pink coach hobo. my bf bought it for me. yay. we're bag twins. :biggrin:
  5. Nice..I love the pink bag.
  6. that is such a cute collection!!!!
  7. Tone down? I don't think we're a good group to help with that! Welcome to the forum and the downward spiral (just kidding!)! Love that your bf got you a Gucci hobo....:love: . You have a very lovely collection!
  8. Love the horsebit hobo and the damier papillon ! Welcome !
  9. The Gucci is fabulous!, is that the large or the medium horsebit hobo?
  10. Yeah, we are bag twins!! My brother got that for by 22nd bday.
  11. I love that pink bag:biggrin:
  12. Thanks guys are all sweet.

    I love my Gucci. My boyfriend went to alot of trouble getting that bag. 3 weeks before christmas I found out through the Gucci website that the bag was on sale.....$400 off. Only in that color. Which was the color I wanted. I ordered it online but a few days later Gucci emailed me saying that they do not have that bag available online that I would have to go to a Gucci store worldwide. I was bummed because there's no Gucci in NC. My boyfriend ended up calling all the Gucci stores in the eastcoast and one store in NY offered to put him on the waiting list #13. I didn't think we would get it at all, cause I figured that color must be retired and there's no way they are going to get more. Each store stated once it went on sale, the bags were going like crazy.

    Long story short, Gucci in NY called and said they had one for him and they sent it few days before christmas. That was the best present ever.....wait, let me correct myself.....I gotta love my very first Coach bag which he bought our first christmas together.

    Come september we will make 5 years. I hear wedding bells. LoL.
  13. 0o0o0o0o love your collection! you've got some really love pieces! i really the daimer lv piece you have :smile: thanks for sharing!
  14. Nice collection!!!
  15. very nice, I like that pink bag, what is it??