My collection

  1. Not what most of you would consider high end designer, but I love my bags and wanted to share!
  2. Ooooh! Nice collection! I love your Coach bags!
  3. Love the shoulder zebra one, great collection thanks for sharing
  4. very pretty and so colorful! :biggrin:
  5. cute! like the coin purse clutch in last pic! and the siggy swingpack!
  6. Great Coach items, welcome ! :smile:
  7. Thanks for sharing your collection. You have a ery nice variety of colors!
  8. LOVELY collection!!!:love: Thank you for sharing and welcome to PF!:flowers:
  9. colorful collection u got there...
  10. I love your pink optic hobo, so pretty! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Great collection!!!
  12. Love the patchwork tote. I have a slight obsession with that bag :P
  13. You have a nice collection (I have the same top handle in brown except with the small c's) Welcome to the pf:yahoo:
  14. You have a very nice collection. The color of the shoulder bag in the last pic is beautiful.
  15. Welcome Pat - thanks for sharing. :flowers: