My Collection!

  1. I made my first post earlier tonight, so I figured now would be a good time to make a collection post. So here are my LV bags along with some jewelry(tagged with my lj name).

    The bags/accessories, somewhat out of order: cerises agenda, pochette, speedy 25, and cles, damier speedy 25 and broadway, multicolore bandeau, cerises scarf, beige denim scarf, popincourt, panda cles, pochette bosphore, tikal gm, panda pochette, damier koala wallet.

    And the three items of jewelry are a black wish bracelet and the sweet monogram pendant and earrings. :smile:

    Not pictured: A Chanel I recently got as a gift, some Coach, and my new to me CB papillon.
    collection.jpg bracelet.jpg sweetmonogramearrings.jpg sweetmonogramnecklace.jpg
  2. Welcome to the forum! :welcome:

    Thanks for posting... you should chat with Megs, she's from the Miami/Frt Lauderdale corner. ;)
  3. What a great collection, love the cerises! Welcome to the forum!
  4. Very nice LV collection =)
  5. Love that icon, I've seen it on LJ and I just crack up every time.

    Lovely collection as well, I really like the cerises pieces. Welcome to the forum ! :smile:
  6. Great collection. Love the cerises pieces.
  7. Great collection! Welcome!
  8. FABULOUS collection!!!:love: Thank you for sharing and welcome to PF!!!:flowers:
  9. Great collection!
  10. Thanks everyone! :smile:
  11. AWESOME COLLECTION!! I love everything!! I love your panda and cerises! Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your pictures!!!
  12. omg, I love all your Louis stuff! and Welsome to the forum, I know you'll have a great time!
  13. Love the pieces, especially the Panda and Cerises.
    And also those earrings..have you worn yours yet? I only wore mine once haha :shame:
  14. I've never seen anyone with a Tikal in their collection... :smile: Great collection. ;)
  15. lovely collection! :smile: thanks for sharing