My collection ...

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  1. I was going through my bags and decided to finally take some group shots!! Not pictured is is a black leather ergo tote that I think I'm going to sell since I ordered the black pleated satchel, and Im not sure if I'm keeping the british tan lunch tote either. Other than that this is my collection of bags minus the pleated ergo. I've sold several on ebay recently and also gave several away, so my collection is a bit more manageable now!! Sorry the tote photo is dark - I must have had my finger in front of the flash!!!
    Accessories/ponytail scarves/wallets, wristlets, etc pictures will be forthcoming!
    collection 001.jpg collection 004.jpg collection 005.jpg collection 006.jpg collection 007.jpg
  2. and one more...
    collection 008.jpg
  3. You've got a stunning collection! I'm totally eyeing that chocolate sig leigh as my next purchase. How do you like yours?
  4. Your leather carly's are TDF.
  5. YAMMA HAMMA girl! That is a GOREOUS collection and very well rounded. Congrats and thanks for finally sharing some pics with us!
  6. Beautiful Collection Donnalyn!!!
  7. I'll take the big ergo tote and the laced satchel :drool::drool::drool:
  8. Such a beautiful well rounded collection!! I love them all!! Every time I see a Pond Ergo Tote I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside :love:. I must have one!! Thanks for sharing them with us!
  9. I've always wanted to see your collection in it's entirety. You have such great taste! I'd want the soho satchel you just got, the whiskey ali, that small raisin shoulder bag, and one of your large leather carlys, I can't decide which one. I'm glad you showed us your pretty coach babies!
  10. Wow...nice collection!!! Especially the leather carly's, yum yum!!
  11. Very nice collection!
  12. WOW, thats such a stunning collection... is that a legacy shoulder pouch in the raisin color? that bag is TDF! love that color!
  13. WOW :drool: You have a great collection!!! Thanks so much for sharing, off to wipe the drool off my keyboard! :P
  14. Gorgeous collection! I love all of the great colors of leather!
  15. I love your collection donnalynn, especially your Soho Satchel and your Patent Pond Ergo Tote.