My collection

  1. For some weird reason they wont post in the collection area


  2. Thank for sharing, love your panda pieces..
  3. wooo.what a collection. Is that keep all the special edition for Asia only? *drooling...*
  4. i do love things that are discontinued or limited... do u love my carry all?! i was the first in the US to have it:biggrin:
  5. Great collection, I have an Abbesses also (they're great aren't they?). I love your Bobby, and is that the Olav MM is can see in the background, I was think about getting one, but you've settled it. Where's my Credit Card?!!:biggrin:
  6. Fabulous Collection......Everything Is Beautiful!!! Thank You For Sharing!!!!!
  7. nice!!! thanks for sharing!!!
  8. When you post in the Bag Showcase, the rules/info tell you your thread must be approved before going 'live'.
    It just hadn't been approved yet.
    I'll need to delete that one or move this one in there as we don't allow duplicates.
    Your collection is great!
    Do you prefer it to be in our Showcase or in here.
  9. showcase
  10. OMG you have the GLACE agenda!! uhhh I just died!! lol

  11. Fabulase collection.
  12. Ooooh I love the carryall !! And the panda has a tan, so cute !
  13. You have a cute collection!:biggrin:
  14. thanks for the compliments guys! now lets help me plan what else i need to get... i just got the sandals yesterday.... and they showed me everything that is coming out in the fall.... and i want the monogram miror keepall, something in the blue damier, and a wallet from the monogram with the bell hop on it.
  15. Very nice! Love that agenda :heart: