~My Collection!~

  1. Hey - I am horrible with taking pictures and am too lazy to lay everything out:shame: ...so I'm just posting pictures of my three most favorite purses.

    My brown Ralph Lauren Alligator Ricky

    My Judith Leiber Seashell minaudiere

    My rouge vif box calf Hermes Kelly

    As far as the rest of my collection goes, the bulk of my purses and accessories come from Louis or Chanel (my favorites!!) :smile:
  2. Ooo, I love the ricky...it's AAAAmazing. Nice kelly, too. Love rouge vif!
  3. c''mon, stop being lazy and show us them all. i see bags dying to get their debut on tPF :smile:

    pretty pls? lol :crybaby:
  4. LOOOOVE the Ricky! It's such an elegant bag, especiallly in alligator :love:
  5. Love the three bags you showcased....but lets see the rest!
  6. Wow, gorgeous bags, please post the rest, you sound like you have an amazing collection!!!
  7. Love love love the colour and detail on the seashell clutch, it's really a work of art ! :yes:
  8. OMG I loVe them!! I cant wait to see more!!
  9. I love the clutch ... would love to see the rest ... :yes:
  10. gorgeous! i love all of them.
  11. I would love to post all of my babies....It's gonna take me a while though. I have probably 40 some odd bags and accessories...I'll try to post more soon. keep checkin back...lol :smile:
  12. I love your Judith Leiber. The colors are so pretty. I've been wanting a piece from her.
  13. Gorgeous bag! Nice collection!! :tup:
  14. VERY nice!
  15. Very beautiful bags...