My collection

  1. Just realized I have been here a few weeks now and haven't posted my collection yet.

    It's not huge b/c I do buy other designers too, but it is also not too shabby :smile:

    The only bag I ever stopped loving was the white one b/c it gets sooooo dirty.

  2. Another angle:

  3. Great collection! I really like the white hobo :smile:
  4. nice !
  5. Very nice.....I remember wanting those blue flip flops.......
  6. is that white bag the hamptons weekend hobo? it has a white satin-ish materal? it looks like the satin material. i have a pouch with that material. it's blue and brown and off white. i've had it for a year and only used it once. i'm so scared to get it dirty! but i love it, it's my most unused coach item, but i still heart her. great collection, thx for sharing!
  7. Yes it is. I think I got it for the summer 2005.

    I would use it once and then my mom would have to clean it!!

    I used it a lot that summer, but got a new bag the next b/c I couldn't take it. It would be cute if it didn't get so dirty. I remember they were a good price too, I think it was only like $160 or something and it's pretty big.
  8. Great collection, I have the satin bag in black and it's great!!!!
  9. Nice! Love the chocolate Carly.
  10. It's a given that I LOVE the Carly, but everything else is stunning as well! Congrats, girl!