My Collection!

  1. Someone in another thread asked me to post my Coach collection so here it is! I don't know the names of everything so you'll have to figure that out yourselves! Enjoy!


    P.S. I apologize for the tiny pictures, I cannot seem to figure out the attachment thing, it keeps saying my pics are too big... so sorry!! :sad:
  2. I also apologize for the messy bed and if I posted this in the wrong place! Feel free to move it if nescessary!
  3. Wow-wee!!
    Love:heart: your collection. Thanks for sharing!
  4. umm you cant see me but im totally bowing down to you
  5. Wow, I didn't think it was that impressive as I am sure other people on here have better collections, but thank you! That totally made my night!! :yahoo:
  6. lol yes it is very nice indeed. You have great taste!
  7. Very nice! (I like your LV denim too.) :drool:
  8. Wow! A Miranda, A Lily, and a Gigi....I'm SOOOO jealous!!!
  9. Super nice! Thanks for sharing
  10. Great collection. I see you have a cadet large hobo. I love that color. I had one and it was stolen.
  11. Is that the blue one? I never knew what it was called! That was my very first designer purse and I got it at an outlet in Florida! I was so proud of it!
  12. Great collection. I love the variety. That rounded satchel in the back is a real eye catcher.
  13. Stunning collection!! We have very similiar taste!! I had the LV alma at one point but ended up selling it on eBay.

    P.S. Is that a coach Leigh bag in whiskey I see? This will be my next purchase in Camel!!!
  14. Nope, that's my Mandy! I don't store the bags very well, not much closet storage space, so it's kinda flat and smooshed.
  15. I am officially worshipping you. That is an incredible collection and you have impeccable taste.