My Collection!

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  1. Hi, just joined the forum- here's my bags:

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  2. Oops! I forgot all about my Scribble bags, I put them away to save them for the summer. Its the Small tote and wristlet.

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  3. Love your LV speedy. Hey, I got the same Coach mini cosmetic case but in blue... :love:

    Nice collection you got there!
  4. Very nice patina on the Speedy.. and someone likes Coach in khaki ! :nuts:
  5. i see you like coach, too :amuse: . i ordered the scribble tote last week and i love it! and i almost got that cosmetic case for my birthday but when my mom and i saw it, i wasn't in a shopping mood and i really regret it now...but, anyways i like your collection!
  6. My first bag was the Dooney & Bourke It Bag- Medium Chocolate Gym Bag and the matching ID holder.

    Then I bought my first coach- the pink optic cosmetic pouch, bought it on sale at Hechts for like $80.

    I then wanted a Khaki signature coach bag so I bought the Buckle demi pouch. Then I bought the Skinny Mini for that bag since it's so small.

    Next, I bought the silver tie-dye Demi pouch on ebay from a favorite seller. It was brand new and I got it for ONLY $50!

    Then I decided I wanted a bigger Coach bag so I got the signature duffle, its from the Coach outlet.

    So I needed some accessories for it :lol:- I bought the zip around wallet and cosmetic bag w/pink trim from Hecht's. The wallet was originally $198, marked down and I had a coupon so it came out to $78!

    Then I decided I liked the Scribble line, so I bought the small tote and wristlet on eBay (they are authentic, I did my research b/c there are A LOT of fake scribbles on eBay). I'm saving them for the summertime.

    And FINALLY I bought the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 - which is my favorite bag ever. And I got the shoulder strap. I bought an Xbox 360 and sold it on eBay and bought my 1st Louis Vuitton w/the profits!

    Now I think I'm gonna sell the Dooney and maybe a coach or two on eBay so I can buy more LV.

  7. I know! I didn't realize I had so much until I layed it all out for the picture! I like the Khaki b/c it matches just about everything.
  8. Wow, you got the history of your bags down pretty good! :lol:
  9. NIce collection

  10. I know! Maybe one day I can tell my children the story of my bags... It all started on a spring day when I saw this bag in the window at the mall..... :lol:
  11. Very nice collection. Enjoy!
  12. cute collection! i have the pink optic pouch too! :biggrin:
  13. That's the one I like the best too among her collection! :love:
  14. Steph,
    Yes...LVs can be quite addictive. I love my Speedy 25 too. Welcome to the LV club! ;)
  15. I know! The purse addiction just gets more and more expensive. When I bought my 1st coach bag for like $100 I thought that was SOO expensive! Now I would love to find a LV key holder for that