my collection

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  1. Here's my collection I have now. It has grown and shrank due to how often I go through bags. I sell on Ebay quite often to make room for the new ones I want :P

    my LV Cabas Piano

    my Burberry Nova Stripe tote

    my Dooney & Bourke Signature small shoulderbag

    my Coach Hamptons Weekend medium tote

    matching Coach Hamptons Weekend large Wristlet

    my Kate Spade Nylon Continental wallet

    my Kate Spade medium Diaper bag
  2. Nice collection! I have the dalmation bag that is pictured under your name. That is my favorite handbag in my collection!
  3. Love the Cabas Piano. If I was into larger tote bags, I would definitely get one :love:
  4. I love the Burberry tote !
  5. i love your burberry!!! and your kate spades and your coach tote, lol. i adore kate spade's nylon things in red-i have a basket and love it! also, i almost got that tote at the coach outlet this summer...but i got a pink soho twill one instead :amuse:
  6. I like the kate spade wallet!
  7. Ooooh, the Coach hamptons tote is nice! I want that in pink!
  8. I love your black hampton's tote and wristlet. I saw them on clearance in a dept store a few months ago and I'm kicking myself for not buying a few.
  9. I'm actually selling the Burberry and the Coach Hamptons on Ebay right now. If you're interested my name is allison_v. Out with the old, in with the new :lol:
  10. That has to be one of my favorite LV's I need to add that to my its only a dream right now purchase!
  11. hey, i have the same coach hamptons wristlet too, used it once, then it sat in that multicolored coach bag all this while, im thinking about selling it, any tips on how to? how much would you ask for?
  12. They're selling for about $30 on Ebay new. Used it would probably go for $25-$30 depending on the condition and how good your pictures are. Take clear, detailed pictures and you should see a good response. I usually take the plunge and start my listings low like $9.99, but if you're not comfortable, start it at the lowest amount you will let it go for.
  13. Oh, I like your collection:biggrin: Especially the Cabas Piano, such a handy size not to small and not to big:idea:
  14. nice
  15. thanks, guys!