my collection

  1. i'm new to this forum and i must say that i've enjoyed reading all your posts- both photos & messages. so here i am sharing my own collection with everyone.
    LVs.JPG Fendi&LV.JPG Gucci.JPG chloe1.JPG Black1.JPG
  2. Lovely bags!!! Thank you for taking the time to take such nice pics to share!!
  3. Nice MJ stam, LV's esp the Manhatten, and Gucci!
  4. Fab collection, I really like the Muse and the Spy !
  6. great collection!!!
  7. Great the MJ stam
  8. Great you spy.:love:
  9. Gorgeous.
  10. ah, the lovely spy
  11. Beautiful collection, I love the Muse! Welcome to the forum!
  12. thanks for sharing! that's such a well rounded collection with all the perfect key pieces!
  13. Thanks to all of you for taking time to view my collection & thanks for the warm welcome :biggrin:
  14. Love your collection! You have so many beautiful pieces!
  15. Love the LV Manhattans.:smile:
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