My Collection

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  1. I'm somewhat new here (although I've been lurking for awhile), so I thought I'd post pics of my collection. Hopefully next saturday at PCE I'll be adding a black signature Hamptons business tote.

  2. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  3. LOVE the white Legacy wristlet!
  4. Thanks twosirius, I just got it a couple week ago- I realy love it too. The pocket on the front is super handy for holding cards and other small items separate.
  5. Love the legacy wristlet!
    And we have the same phone, my kinda girl =)
    Thanks for sharing.
  6. Very nice.....those wristlets are too cute!!
  7. Welcome to TPF, such a nice collection! :tup:
  8. Very Nice, and Welcome! :smile:
  9. Great collection!! I love the wristlets!!
  10. The white legacy wristlet is beautiful. Everything in your collection is! Welcome to TPF
  11. Pretty collection! You have wonderful colours, love the white wristlet!
  12. Welcome to TPF- lovely collection!
  13. Nice collection! Great colors! :yes:
  14. Welcome to TPF - love your collection.
  15. Great collection! I'm especially loving the wristets and the skinny! Thanks for sharing!