My collection!

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  1. Here's my Coach collection.

    I got my first bag in 2005, and then didn't get another one until October 2006... since then, it's been all downhill :smile:

    It's nothing special, but enjoy! :smile: (I had to put a pillow behind it cuz otherwise it woulda fallen down the space between my mattress and my bedframe!)


    ^ The full collection


    ^ The bag that started it all

    ^ these have all been purchased since February

    ^ My wallet
  2. yikes! sorry they're so big!!
  3. Love everything! Your pink wallet is so cute and girly!

    Oh, and since you have found this forum, your collection will increase rapidly!
  4. there goes that condo i was trying to buy......... haha
  5. Great collection! The pink is soooo pretty!
  6. Very, very nice!
  7. You're collection is great and will only get better. Love the pink soho springy and cute!
  8. Very Nice! I like the Carly. :biggrin:
  9. Nice collection.
  10. heatherita510, GREAT collection! :yes:
  11. You have a great collection. I love everything you are showing! :tup:
  12. Very nice!! I love that satchel.
  13. nice collection.. somebody loves black and white with occasional color!!
  14. Great collection!
  15. Very nice & well rounded! Love the pink wallet.