My Collection

  1. Here is my Coach collection


  2. Great collection... love all the shoes!!
  3. so cute! man i have GOT to get me some coach shoes!
  4. Great collection, love all your bags.
  5. Oh the shoes!!
  6. Very nice - love those Soho duffles.
  7. Love the shoes.
  8. get some shoes!
    Love your collection of purses and shoes. When I saw your photo's it made me think of that crazy shoe video on YouTube...... :nuts: lol
  9. Very nice!! Love the golashes...
  10. Nice collection.
  11. Very nice collection.
  12. The rain boots are too cute!! Great collection
  13. Love the shoes!!!
  15. Thanks everyone.... I have a really hard time finding comfy shoes, since I have wide feet. Coach shoes seem to really fit me well. Sometimes the boots (not the Burberry rainboots which are the most comfortable things ever to wear) start to hurt by the end of the day but it is worth it.