my collection

  1. here is some NOT all of my LV collection :p
    DSC00117.JPG DSC00119.JPG DSC00120.JPG
  2. part 2
    DSC00111.JPG DSC00121.JPG DSC00122.JPG DSC00123.JPG DSC00125.JPG
  3. WHOA! :drool: gorgeous collection! thanks for sharing :drool:
  4. Wow gorgeous collection!
  5. 3
    will add more ...God knows when :smile:
    DSC00125.JPG DSC00126.JPG DSC00127.JPG
  6. MORE?!!??! umm...can I sleep in your closet?:nuts: lol
  7. wow that's quite the collection!!!
  8. Great collection. I love the watch it is beautiful
  9. yeah sure..;)
  10. fantastic collection!
  11. wow congrats!!
  12. congrats beautiful collection
  13. Fantastic Collection:smile:
  14. Great collection! Beautiful pieces.
  15. I love your collection!