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  1. My favorite bags are vintage--most of which were passed on to me by my mother and grandmother. My collection is small but priceless to me. It will only let me upload 5 so I'll start with LV and Gucci (new and vintage):

    1. LV (Monogram Canvas Mini Looping)- my mom brought this bag back to me from a trip to Paris.
    2. Gucci (green)- impulse purchase at Neiman's last year, but loved it ever since.
    3. Gucci (navy)- I found this one while rummaging through my grandmother's closet (LOVE IT!). I think this bag is circa 1980s
    4. Gucci clutch (brown)- another bag I found in my grandmother's closet. I think this bag is circa 1980s
    5. Gucci wallet (turquoise)- bought at Neiman's same day as green Gucci bag.


    Why can I only put up 5???
    IMG_3537.jpg IMG_3536.jpg IMG_3509.jpg IMG_3513.jpg IMG_3542.jpg
  2. Very nice AF! I moved your post into its own thread. I have it set up that you can only do 5 attachments per post, but you can of course create more posts with more pics!

    Let's see them all ;)
  3. I love your bag collection! And you're so lucky: I have found lots of great bags in my mother's and my grandmother's closets, but nothing like these :sad:
  4. wow! the green one is superfantastic!
  5. ehm..ciao superqueen! ti trovo ovunque ormai!!
  6. nice collection I really like the gucci (3)
  7. Wow...I love the Gucci clutch. Nice collection!
  8. i love vintage bags. very nice.
  9. I loooooove the third gucci!! Love your collection!!!!:love:
  10. Vintage bags are very cool. I think your Gucci wallet is very cute!
  11. Nilyah -

    Siete così fortunato vivere a Roma - è la mia città favorita nel mondo!

    I was just in Roma about a month ago. Stayed in an apartamento near the Campo di Fiori. My family is originally from Modena, so I still have many relatives (all over) Italy. Bella Italia!
  12. Hey Miss Fashionsita....LOVE the green Gucci. It's always been my fav of yours. You lucky girl-scoring those fab vintage bags! JEALOUS! I wish you could put up more, you have some beautiful pieces.
    xoxox, Kat
  13. Nily, questo è un posto fantastico, impossibile non frequentarlo!
  14. Ohhh, nice collection! I love the 3rd gucci bag!
  15. Great collection! I absolutely love your vintage Gucci's! Thanks for sharing!
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