My Collection:

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  1. wow! beautiful!!!!

    I really love the damier wallet. :smile:
  2. what a great collection
  3. great LV collection!
  4. Beautiful collection ... love:love: all your LV pieces!
  5. The Epi Petite Noe is a Beauty. I don't really care for LV (eeeek) but your collection has made me appreciate some pieces (like the Damier collection). I saw some of these at Saks last weekend and I really took a second glance for the first time at a LV bag. You have a collection to be proud of.
  6. love your Vernis bags!
  7. I just got a yellow epi French Purse and a mono mini hl for Mother's Day. One of these days, I'll take updated pics.
  8. your collection is cool...
  9. Those are LOVELY bags!!!:love:
  10. Beth, :heart: your stuff, as always :flowers:
  11. i love that banana republic bag - so cute! :biggrin:
  12. What A Beautiful Collection!
  13. YOWZA!!! thats a stunning collection you have acquired!
  14. Your collection is second to none. Wow, I am impressed. Thank you for sharing.
  15. I love the boarskin Sam!