My Collection:

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  1. Mini Mono Anne Sophie

    My Mono Collection:
    Front row: Mono Cles, Cerises Cles
    Second Row: Pap 26, PTI, Eyeglass Case
    Third Row: FC Speedy 30 (my first LV), Keepall 50, Pochette, and Petite Bucket

    Epi Collection (my favorite)
    Pepper Petite Noe(with Hermes Beaver charm), Green Trocadero, Green Cles, Green 4 Keyholder, Green Checkbook Wallet, Lilac Elastique Cardholder Wallet, Yellow 4 keyholder, Vanilla Agenda PM

    Vernis Collection:
    Rose Mott, Yellow Spring Street, Blue Thompson Street (with Hermes Twilly)

    Damier Collection:
    Trousse and Ludlow

    Others I like:
    Longchamp Shopper, Kate Spade Boarskin Sam, Banana Republic Kisslock bag

    My whole LV collection:
  2. Lovely variety of handbags, Beth! Very nice!
  3. Love your bags especially your vernis collection :smile:
  4. WOW... a lot of LVs!!! It's a great collection. But I just LOVE the color of your Longchamp shopper!!! I've never seen that color before. Absolutely gorgeous. :smile:
  5. Nice collection. I love your Anne Sophie.
  6. You have a very nice collection!
  7. Aww.. that Hermes charm is just too darling !! I really like the lilac wallet, it's too bad they discontinued the colour, it's so pretty !
  8. Love the color of you Epi Noe! :love:
  9. Great collection! I especially love the vernis pieces :love:
  10. lovely collection! your keepall has beautiful patina :smile:
  11. I love the Epi Noe also! Very i want one!
  12. nice collection!!! thanks for sharing!
  13. wow! loving all the LV pieces!!!!! thanks so much for sharing! just one question, do you use your Mini Mono Anne Sophie as an evening bag??? its so cute!
  14. Great LV pieces!!
  15. Great Collection Beth!!