my collection yay!!!

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  1. I just got the last bag I was waiting on and here is my collection!!! Pirata Campeggio [​IMG] [​IMG] Citta Rosa Ciao Ciao courtesy of Lj User tokitoki4sale! thanks :smile: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Paradiso Ciao Ciao [​IMG] [​IMG] x posted in LJ
  2. [​IMG] Inferno Ciao!! (i love ciaos i want more haha) [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] im missing the hot dog roasting devil but ill live! L'Amore or Amore Dolce the sweetest person ever Lattegirl went to two Macys to find me this dolce with the placement i wanted and put it on hold for me so i could do a charge send thanks again latte girl!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] Lastly my Tan Playgound Campeggio bought this used from lj user YummyBakery! thanks [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. LOL i just looked on LJ and saw your post :]

    nice collection! your inferno ciao looks very cute :biggrin:
  4. thank youuuuuu :smile: my cc bills should make me sad though soon
  5. very very cuuuuute!!!
  6. OMG! I'd die for your beautiful Tan Playground Campeggio! LOL! Love your collection!
  7. LOL. yeah i feel sad when i see that the amount of money i have keeps decreasing.. but it's worth it! :P
  8. aww thank you!!! i know someone who wants to sell theirs!! or trade it for an amore in campeggio!!! if you're interested ill let her know!!

  9. No Buying, No Trading, No Selling on this forum.

    Please take the time to read the forum rules.
  10. Nice collection!! :tup:
  11. I was just about to edit it and it wasnt letting me sorry!!
  12. i love your inferno ciao!
  13. I love that inferno Ciao, and am hoping I can find one in Oahu tomorrow....wish me luck...
  14. veronika - check out the dfs store (not the lesportsac store - though i wouldn't be surprised if they had it in stock there too) in the honolulu airport. i saw two inferno ciaos there yesterday - the prices are more since there is a markup in hawaii.
  15. Sweetie! What's the dfs store, sorry I'm an idiot, will be in the honolulu airport first thing in the morning... will hightail it to dfs if I can only figure out what that I didn't see Inferno in the Lesportsac store in Honolulu on Saturday, there was not a big selection of Toki at all, lots of other stuff though. I have a gift certificate for $30.00 any of the galleria stuff in the airport, maybe the dfs store will honor it. I'll drop back by Le Sportsac just in case there was something there I missed that i love, now that I know more than I did 2 days ago...:smile:

    I have been such a devil on this trip (don't ask hehe) that I must have Inferno... cause I'm gonna burn... hehe