My Collection UPDATED - PICS!

  1. I wanted to share my collection post-PCE...apparently, I lurve me some Coach leather! The only thing missing is a pink scarf-print wristlet that I'm waiting on. The legacy slim tote, turquoise ergo hobo and tortoise keyfob (on the slim tote) are my PCE purchases, along with a green optic sig ponytail scarf that I got my friend for her birthday present.
  2. Very nice collection! :graucho:
  3. Ooo love the slim tote, and the legacy scarf looks GREAT on that white bag!
  4. Great collection! I :heart: your signature multicolor stripe sandals!! Are those still in the stores? I don't see them online anymore :confused1:! Lovely PCE buys too! :tup:
  5. Love your collection!
  6. WOW very nice!!
    That ponytail scarf looks super awesome against your lunch tote.
    Love the acessorizing!
  7. Fantastic collection! I love all the leather!!
  8. I love your collection, especially the Natural Slim Tote with the Tortoise Keyfob. I have the exact same combo. I was inspired by TejasMama's gorgeous pics.

  9. Love your collection!
  10. Great collection!!
  11. GREAT collection!!!!!!! I love it all!

  12. Beautiful!
    I especially love the slim tote!
  13. Love your collection, the slim tote is gorgeous!
  14. Great your slim tote!!!!
  15. This means our slim tote/turtle combos can be triplets!:p

    Your collection is really beautiful, and lots of variety--wonderful shoes, too! I don't own any yet, but maybe one day...