My collection to date, what is missing?

  1. I started my balenciaga obsession about 5 months ago. To date this is my collection so far. After taking these pictures, it feels like something is missing. What colors do I need to even out my collection? Accessories are really not my thing, but would it be necessary for my collection if I purchase a few?

    Note: I have a GGH Sahara City and SGH bubblegum City arriving shortly.

    Any input would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!
    5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
  2. Maybe something in Vert Gazon or the new Yellow??

    For me, it seems like your collection is more on the dark and neutral side. Maybe a few bright colors? (btw, not sure if you need any more bags.... :p you've got plenty) Maybe a green? Or violet? Or jaune?

    I can't believe you've amassed this collection in only 5 months.
  4. Woah!!

    Missing??? Yikes, I can't think of a thing!!

    Do you have any favorite outfits that you can't match one of those bags to???
  5. you have an awesome collection... a bright green would add a great punch, or a yellow
  6. Wowza! What an amazing, gorgeous collection!

    I'd go for green or yellow next!
  7. most of my bags are on the darker side, I figured it would be easier to take care of. Does anyone have a picture of new yellow.

    Jira: I purchased my very first balanciaga at the end of August (Ocean brief) and since then I have sold most of my LV collection to purchase more balencaiga.
  8. I would say 95% of the time I am in jeans. I would love a light or bright color, but scared that my jeans will rub off onto the bag.
  9. What a gorgeous collection!!
    If it were me, I would sell some of the black and white and get green and yellow and turq ;)
  10. WOW! That is an awesomely huge collection for 5 months!! Please don't take this the wrong way, we all enjoy bbags, I do too, and we are all a bunch of enablers here :p, but do you get to use all your bags? Or do you mostly collect for fun? Please, no offence meant, I am just curious. :smile:

    I see you have alot of blacks and whites. Perhaps some greens? grey? the brighter blues.

    Also... please don't feel like you have to get accessories to complete your collection even though you don't really want to use them.
  11. Yes, I know. You need some shelves, a booth, a permit and you can start selling right away. I'll be your first customer! :graucho:
    But really, I would say yellow.
  12. jo_ee: Some of my bags I have never used. I am collector but also do eventually use my bags. Once I get something new, it usually takes me a little bit to actually use it, as I am scared to get it dirty. I am very obsessive about every little thing being perfect down to the thread. So I collect and use my balenciagas daily.
  13. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Wow what a collection! You are going to have to change your name to Bbagobsessed! Lol! These are beautiful and I don't know what you could add other than an Electric Blue and a Yellow.
  14. WOW I can't believe you collected all these bags in 5 months!!! If you're going for a colorful collection, then I agree maybe vert gazon will add a pop, or how about purple? An 05 turq would be an amazing pop too.

    Also, what about some more gorgeous browns? I'm partial to mogano and sienna- such RICH colors I adore them! In any case, you have a gorgeous collection!! Like hmwe said, you could stop now and have an amazing collection!!
  15. I say something green too.. U might wanna consider "Pine".. Its a very neutral Green. It looks much better IRL as compared to the pics. Well its my nice favourite. Haa..
    Ps: Nice collection.