my collection...sorry i don't know how to post pics...

  1. hope this works :yahoo:
  2. They give you an image id I believe. If you use that, the photos will post in the thread. Or you can manage attachments and insert them that way.

    Nice collection though.
  3. nice collections, i love this bag in your 2nd photo
  4.'s called the tulum pm. i just remember i forgot to take a photo of my other one...haha...i think i will do that now.
  5. Nice collection!:heart: Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  6. Let's see if I can post them for you.
  7. hey how did you do that hahah...thank you so much...your an angel!
  8. Great bags!!
  9. Great bags.:yahoo:
    Thanks for sharing.
  10. Great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  11. That's a beautiful collection. I Love everything!!
  12. thanks for your comments everyone...i love my bags too! i need to buy some shining monkey for them =)
  13. nice collection, thanks for sharing
  14. Beautiful collection!
  15. Nice bags!!
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