My collection so far

  1. Greetings from Finland!

    This is my first post on tPF and it has been a relief to find out I'm not alone in this bag madness :smile: It is so inspiring to see your collections, read about your dreams and gather information for future purchases.

    Here's my collection today.

    Mulberry: My first Mulberrys are the brown bucket and wallet. They date back to early 1990's and the wallet has been in daily use up to this year. It's so soft and faded, but still usable. The latest one is the red small Zinia-like shoulder bag/clutch. I got it from, Finland's own eBay. I'm so bad with these bag model names..

    Longchamp: Le Pliage is the best bag for gym, shopping, travelling or anything that requires tons of stuff to be carried around. At the moment I have a red and dark green, not shown here. The small red leather tote is also from

    Gucci and vintage: The hobo is my only Gucci at the moment and I'm not sure I wish to get more of them. The two vintage bags are from, too.

    Three Bags and Chloe: The Finnish company Three Bags has manufactured bags since 1953, more about them The slouchy one is a vintage and I got it from my aunt. Perfect everyday bag. The Chloe purse is my new wallet and can hold enormous amount of receipts.

    At the moment I'm dreaming of a red Mulberry Bayswater and a red Chanel large/jumbo flap. Okay, and maybe a Hermes Birkin ;) guess the colour:rolleyes:

    Mulberry.jpg Longchamp.jpg Gucci_Hugo_vintage.jpg ThreeBags_Chloe.jpg
  2. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very nice collection- love the gucci
  4. great collection... your gucci is cute!
  5. Wow.. that Mulberry is stunning! I love the shade of green in it.
  6. What a great classic collection, I'm in admiration :yes:
  7. Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  9. nice colllection, love the green bag.
  10. Beautiful collection!!
  11. The paddington wallet is exquisite. Do you use it daily?
  12. Nice collection! Love the gucci!

  13. Thank you all for your comments!:smile:

    There will be lots more of lovely pieces to come. I'm just planning where to travel in December. Thinking of Paris... In Finland there's not so many brands you can buy, so travels must be well planned ;)

    Yes, I use the wallet every day. It took a few days to get used to fiddle with the zipper. It takes quite well all the tear and wear, only the padlock has lost some it's gilding, but I love things to have some well earned patina :smile:
  14. Welcome to tpf! Thanks for sharing the obsession :biggrin:
  15. My very small Hermes collection.

    The medium Agenda in rouge VIF Courchevel, orange leather Koros bracelet and brown scarf with black/grey ribbons.

    I'm afraid this obsession will ruin me or more precisely, my bank account and/or relationship with my BF Visa:nuts: