my collection so far (hey i'm only 21!)

  1. Here's my lv collections so far as i save up a lot and sell LOTS of my things on eBay to purchase all of i work a lot and i'm not a daddy or mommy's lil girl who use all their i'm very proud of my lv :yahoo:.
    (p.s:last week on my 21st birthday, i received a pochette mono from my friend so it explains that it's still in beautiful vachetta:rolleyes:)
  2. Wow that noe is gorgeous.. I was drawn straight to it!! You have a great collection :smile:
  3. i love my noe to bits :wlae:!! thanks:nuts:
  4. so cute your collection
  5. nice collection! love the noe....:smile:
  6. thank you guys :woohoo:
  7. You have a very nice collection! The Noe is gorgeous!!!
  8. Nice collection!!
  9. Wow great collection!!
  10. congrats~ i'm 21 too and i wouldn't dare let my rents know how much i spend on handbags so i'm buy my own lv too :yes: we have every right to be proud of how much we have:yahoo:nice collection~
  11. very nice. i hear 22 and i always feel like i dont have anything compared to everyone else.

    great collection!
  12. very nice
  13. nice collection~~!! very cute!
  14. congrats.. enjoy your LV and your legal age .. lol

    I never owned an LV till I was like 20+ or sumthin'... had to work hard.. to pay for my own LV :lol:
  15. great collection!

    don't you sometimes just love it that YOU paid for your beautiful lv's and not your daddy or something
    my agenda was a gift from my parents but all my other things are paid by myself and i just love that!
    it makes me love my collection even more!! (i'm 20 btw ;) )