My collection - small but growing

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  1. Hi:

    I'm posting my collection. The concentric small hobo is the new one I just ordered the Shining Monkey for. But the signature studded top flap was my first Coach and still my favorite. My sister and I saw it while shopping a few years ago and I fell in love with it. She printed the page of it from & gave it to my DH and he surprised me with it for my b'day.

    My Poppy is in need of cleaning! I'm too scared to do it myself. I'm sure it'll cost me a fortune to have it cleaned.

    The monkey key fob is precious. My friend bought it for me this year for my b'day. I'm a monkeyholic as well as a coachaholic!

    Concentric Small Hobo.jpg monkey.jpg Plum Signature Duffle & Wristlet.jpg Poppy.jpg Signature Studded.jpg
  2. I love your plum pieces! Gorgeous :drool:

    My collection is small but growing too :graucho:
  3. Yes, I replied to your other post about the pouch you got on eBay. I really like it! I tend to stick with the browns, taupes, camels, etc. I really need to push myself to go with brighter colors. I once forced myself to buy a red bag and I wore it for about a week. I just could not deal with the color! Oh well, my sister made out on that one. She loves red so I gave it to her.

    I see you and I are both from So. Jersey. What town? I'm in Burlington.
  4. That's a great collection you've got there! Congratulations! Wonderful choices with variety & color. I love it!! :smile:
  5. Oh, I used to live in Camden county and I worked in Mt. Laurel. Now i live in Salem County. How funny, it's such a small world! If you ever want to go Coach shopping, let me know :graucho:

    I know how you feel about the colors. Right now I'm trying to stick mainly to black and brown because I literally JUST fell for Coach so I'm wanting to get pieces that I'll use often. But I'm dying for something in red, something green, ANYTHING pond (I :heart: it!), and the Chambray Carly is THE bag I'm in love with-and it's also completely unattainable for me right now, oh well.
  6. Very nice. Your color choices are so lovely, not at all overbearing.
  7. Such a nice collection and a variety. I love the Poppy duffle.
  8. Thank you all so much! Melissa, I know what you mean about the Carly. I was just looking at some on eBay but I made myself stop!!! I don't know what it is about the change of seasons but I always want to buy a new Coach (or two...or three) every time!!! Very strange.

    My friend & I did really well last fall at the Outlets in Lancaster, PA. If you ever get the chance to go in the fall, go around Breast Cancer Awareness month. I think it's October or November. They were selling coupon booklets for $2.00 cash and it gave excellent discounts. I got my plum duffel & wristlet for a total of $160 or so. I thought that was a steal!!!

    My next purchase will be in the fall again and this time I think I'll go for a vintage legacy bag!

    Have a great day!
  9. Oh, I forgot to say, Janfill, when I saw the Poppy in the Coach catalog, I thought "oh, how ugly!" Then I was at the mall & saw it at Strawbridges. In person, it really is so gorgeous!! The detail & stitching is incredible. I was wearing it once in NYC and my sister dragged my down to Canal Street where all the vendors sell fakes. They were impressed that I had "the real thing."

    The knockoff of the poppies are just HIDEOUS! Have any of you seen them? What a crime! My sister got one & it fell apart in a few months.
  10. POPPY!!! Beautiful! You have functional, nice pieces!!!
  11. Very nice!! I love the Poppy bag. I'm sure that one really makes an outfit pop.
  12. Wow that plum is beautiful. The monkey is cute also. I like your collection overall too. I agree that I was not fond of the poppy in the catalog, but liked it when I was in the store when it was out. Sadly, I missed buying it.
  13. Unfortunately, all I ever wear is jeans and T-shirts/sweaters. But I do feel good when I carry that bag. As I said, though, I need to send it off to my Coach cleaner in North Jersey. He's expensive but just AMAZING.

    If anyone wants his name & number, let me know & I will post it here. He cleaned my signature studded top flap for me last year. It was $85, but I had it back in less than one week and it was unbelievable how he made it look like a brand new bag!!!

    That's when I decided to start using a protector BEFORE using any new bag.
  14. beautiful collection!
  15. Great collection!!! I LOVE your poppy!!!