My Collection Reveal - And New Stuff too!

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  1. So I finally took pics of the collection... and now I shall reveal it little by little.:biggrin:
  2. My pretty flowers and summery optic print purse:
  3. Gallery Tote, Poppy Tote, Tattoo wristlet and Poppy Groovy
  4. Alex Quilted Tote, Large Inlaid C Peyton, Poppy Pink Tartan Book Tote, and I forgot the name of the other one.
  5. Madison Maggie and my first Coach purse ever (bought it in 2005)!
    Misc wallets and wristlets.
  6. nice! is there more coming?
  7. Very nice collection I must say. Also love your red croc Ella in your avatar. I had bought her but returned her because she was to big for me but it sure was a hard decision to make. She is a head turner.
  8. She was little big for me at first... but now that I've been moved in for a few months, it's going to be hard for me to go back to a smaller purse. I LOVE the red color.... it's gorgeous. That's what made me decide to keep her... she's the perfect red for me since I wanted a deep blood red and not a more pink red.
  9. Gorgeous collection
  10. cool collection I love that elle I would carry her in a heartbeat no matter how big lol beautiful shade of rich red...
  11. you have a great collection!!! thanks for sharing!
  12. Still more to come... :smile:
  13. Tribeca tote and my beloved Ali studded hobo.... almost missed on this one, but luckily my SA tracked one down in a store in Florida! :yahoo:
  14. great collection
  15. Lovely!