My Collection - *Pics*

  1. My parents had this lovely purse cabinet built for my bags so I can finally showcase my Chanel collection all in one place! I think they limited shelving to stop me from buying more! :yes:

    Reporter, Luxe tote, Vintage Ligne, Cloudy Bundle
    GST, Modern Chain
    Outdoor tote, Luxe flap
    Deerskin Luxury Bowler
    Cambon Bowler
    Blue Cotton Club tote
  2. OMG Roey, I *NEED* one of these!! It looks like you have a shelf from the boutique in your room. I love how your outdoor tote, luxe flap, and cambon fit in the spaces so perfectly. Hmm, I think this will be my next mission.
  3. Thanks Jen! They had the builder come to the house to view my collection and measure the largest/smallest bags. It had to be kitty-cornered due to lack of space in my bedroom. If I buy more bags I can put two on the larger shelves side by side by sliding them in vertically. If my cat manages to sleep in there I will defur him, LOL!
  4. like yr bags & the shelvings...gorgeous...
  5. You are Queen of Tote :p You have all the bags I want.
  6. What a beautiful collection and a great way to store!
  7. OMG Roey, what an ingenious idea and a fabulous, tote-tastic collection!!!! :love: :nuts: :drool: Like Jenn, I love how each bag has its own space and fits perfectly within its designated shelf space!! :amazed: I especially adore your Deerskin Luxe Bowler, Brown VL tote, MC tote, Luxe flap, Brown Outdoor tote and GST!! Hell, I love 'em all!! :tup: :heart:
  8. OMG, that is so sweet of your parents to do for you!! I love it!! WOW!
  9. FAB collection!! I especially love the way you arrange the bags!!!
  10. Wow, the builder came in to measure the bags? LOL, no wonder they fit so perfectly. What a great idea! The reason that I don't switch my bags more often is because I'm too lazy to take them out of the boxes and put them back. The purse cabinet is beautiful and your collection has me drooling.
  11. Fabulous collection. Love the purse cabinet!
  12. Thanks everyone! Minal (You are so funny, LOL!)

    I don't think I mentioned that I live upstairs in an apt. in my parent's house. I moved across the country back in January because they were having health isssues and I wanted to be able to help them and also start a new life (Okay, so I am still working on that new life, LOL!). Anyway, my Mom was sick of seeing my purses lined up on the closet floor... we are both anal about organization, hence, the shelving.
  13. OMG.... that is just TDF. A fab shelves to store all your beautiful bags... I'd love to have one of those!!!!
    Let me know if your parents want to adopt a "kid", I'd the first one in line ;)
  14. I love your bags and your purse cabinet roey! I am a fanatic organizer, and I would love to have this in my bedroom for my ever-growing bag collection. :smile:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  15. Roey!! It's soo gorgeous!! I wish my hubby can think of making one for me too! So that I will keep my bags as organize as yours! (As of now, they're in a big plastic container.. huhuhu.. poor bags..) And I love your Chanel Collection!! They are one of a kind!! Do you have any other bags except Chanel? If you have, I wonder where do you put them.. hehehe!