My collection pics

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  1. I posted this in the Collection forum, but it hasn't been approved yet, so I thought I would post a link in here. I haven't finished taking pics yet, but the pics I have taken are a big chunk.

    I also purchased each of my bridesmaids the large Watercolor Hamptons Tote and an initial charm for my thank you gifts for standing up for me.

    Anyways, here's the link:
    I will be adding more pics throughout the day and into tomorrow. :smile:

    Let me know what you all think...
  2. Wow Kristy .. what a fun collection full of color!!
  3. Your collection is awesome, and I love the bridesmaid gift idea! Thanks for sharing and let us know when you've added more pics! :tup:
  4. Can I be a bridesmaid?!?!? :roflmfao:
  5. Great collection. :tup:

    Thanks for sharing.
  6. Wow! What is all of the Coach tags? Just a collection of them?
  7. Super collection! A girl who thinks like me...color, color, color!
  8. LOL fieldsinspring! yes, i suppose i did get a little carried away. I just REALLY wanted to get them something that I thought represented ME and also was something they could use, instead of a monogrammed pocket flask or something like that LOL

    I started out with just the charms, and then the watercolor tote came out and I couldn't resist. I was just going to get the tote for my maid of honor, but then i thought "that's not fair" so I bought one for each

    I do have a serious problem, don't I?!
  9. The hangtags are waiting to be made into a belt. I have been collecting them FOREVER lol. I saw a similar belt on eBay a while back, custom made, and I have been saving up since.
  10. Me too!!:roflmfao:

    Great collection, love the Poppy Tote!
  11. cute idea:okay:
  12. Very nice collection!!
  13. I think it's incredible, I would love that!! You are very sweet and thoughtful, and you have a great collection!!!
  14. Great collection - I love all the colors.
  15. Very nice :biggrin: