My Collection Photos Are Up

  1. oops I posted on the other page. Soooo pulled up another page and I thought I had switched over but hadn't, bad me :sad:
  2. Goodness Gracious! Your collection is to DIE for!!!!! I'm drooling over so many of your bags! I love everything poppy and your alis are lovely..your mandy is amazing (i wouldn't be able to handle a white bag of that size so kudos to you) and your ergo *sigh* your ergo makes me swoon.
  3. I agree, I am :drool: over soooo many of her bags!
  4. Awwww, you guys are so sweet!:tender:
    Thanks for letting me share!
  5. WOW!! GORGEOUS collection!! I love that you have so many different styles and colors. There is a bag for every occasion in there. :tup:

    Thanks for sharing. I am so inspired by everyone's collections. :yes:

  6. You have a great collection! I love the shelf in your signature, did you buy that for your purses?
  7. Great Collection!!!
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. Any pictures of you modeling the Mandy? :girlsigh:
  10. You have a fabulous collection!!! I :heart: it all! Thanks for sharing!

    I need to get around to taking pics of my collection, but just haven't found the time yet! ;)
  11. Great collection!!!
  12. Oooh! I love your mandy.
  13. Handbag Helen-
    Yes, those shelves (bookcases actually) are to hold my purses. They are from IKEA and very inexpensive - like $30 each I think - and easy to put together.
  14. Great collection