my collection over the years :)

  1. Great collection, you have some great bags!
  2. Woww! Gorgeous collection!!
  3. GORGEOUS COLLECTION (especially the purple BV)! :woohoo:
  4. Can your parents adopt me? I can pay for my own food, rent and tuition. Just buy me the bags and I'm fine :lol:

    Love everything! You have one fabulous collection. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  5. nice collection!
  6. just got it :3 :heart: chinese new year present :heart: - ps happy chinese new year every1 :biggrin: :heart:
    397026_10150539053014424_608249423_8450163_132635109_n.jpg 403941_10150539053529424_608249423_8450164_2115888937_n.jpg 404215_10150539052414424_608249423_8450161_657685176_n.jpg 400381_10150539052024424_608249423_8450160_240432248_n.jpg
  7. OP congrats to you're new present!
    And you have AMAZING collection! :nuts:
  8. haha thankz~ ill ask them about that :p
    they are not buying me bags anymore starting from now on T..T they think i should move on to things that have an actual market value .. eg watches.. jewelries ,, cuz bags r just bags :mad: my mom even told me shoes are better investments ??? :confused1:

    i guess i have to work harder and invest harder :biggrin: to earn my own bags from now on

  9. Aww.. Good luck with that! I started buying my own bags since I was a freshman in high school (I'm currently a senior in high school). I'm not a fan of expensive shoes (Jeffrey Campbell is the most expensive brand I'll ever buy), I'm not a careful person when it comes to walking. My shoes tend to messed up pretty quickly. Watches? Not really a fan of watches (I'm not good at reading analog time), but I wouldn't mind a Gucci Twirl, Chanel J12, Hermes Kelly & Hermes H-Hour and a Rolex Daytana (?). I prefer bracelets (Hermes CDCs etc.) more than watches.

    Think in a good way that at least you have a lot of beautiful bags in your collection already, I only have 2 :lol:
  10. I love your collection!
    Way to go!;) Great sense of style!!
    and the last Chanel is absolutely gorgeous!! Hope you get many more nags in the future!!:smile:
  11. Wow! Such an amazing collection :smile:
  12. WOW!!! Amazing collection!!! ;)
  13. thanks every one :smile: !!

    sigh... i learned my lesson the hard way... i wanted a mint color bag and LV came up with the almost perfect one this season but i hesitated :S and it is all gone now since it was LIMITED sigh... i went back to lv they were out... disappointed... then i turned around and saw this back pack!! i dont have a back pack and my mom always scold me LOL... that i should start using one.. i dont like back packs at all.. i use to think they r ugly and after elementary i never ever carried one ..but the lv one caught my eyes and since they let me do initial i gave in :smile: i am gona use it as school bag everyday to save my shoulder and traveling! but i still wanted the mint color bag ..its like " THE COLOR" and i searched searched .. only prada has one left and miu miu with crystal chain * and i have two already... one in corral and turquoise * the prada one had a gold zipper in a round shape... * not my style at all...* i wanted mint with sliver.. * and i realize there will be mint ones eventually just have to wait for few season and make sure i am ready next time* so i decided to go with tiffany blue and realize no bags r in tiffany blue.. * would die for tiffany chanel*!! so i googled everywhere and realize the only place i can get the RIGHT on, symbolic tiffany blue is buy a bag from them +o+ so i ordered my reversible tote just now :smile: free valentine shipping.. gift to my self LOL .. tiffany blue and silver - ultimate color!! * on top of that i get a tiny shade of mint ;) with light blue * win win :biggrin: !! it IS PErfect for summer!! * and its a shoulder bag... I usually hate top handel bags* !! :love:
    431241_10150589373089424_608249423_8579601_890956269_n.jpg 424374_10150589373874424_608249423_8579603_622741179_n.jpg 423899_10150589373544424_608249423_8579602_1037354195_n.jpg 399954_10150589374214424_608249423_8579606_715257585_n.jpg Screen Shot 2012-02-12 at 12.56.12 PM.png
  14. Oh my...a perfect collection! Everything is so beautiful!
  15. holy cow. i thought after the first img there weren't any more. LOVE that you organized your collection by color!