My collection of unique paddies!

  1. After collecting paddies forever, and buying and selling them, and loving them and then getting bored with them... I finally have a little collection of really unique paddies I love!:love:

    From left to right: the tweed paddy with whiskey leather (I know this is a really unpopular paddy, but I adore it because it's so different looking!), the "moka" patent leather dome paddy (is actually plum brown patent with dark taupe leather) and the "Or" colored paddy, just out in stores. This one looks like a chocolate paddy that's been painted gold so it looks really distressed and some of the dark leather shows through. The picture doesn't do this one justice at all!
    paddy collrction 004.JPG
  2. What a great eclectic collection. It's like you have a Paddy to serve any personality form your having that day. Cute picture thanks!! They are beautiful.
  3. great collection!
  4. very unique indeed! and I love the trunk!
  5. That trunk holds my most prized material possessions.... my bags!:p
  6. LOVE IT......

    ok, I gotta get me a trunk like that.....
  7. Love your collection. The "or" paddy is a beauty, and the tweed one definitely does stand out.
  8. Mona, I got the trunk at the Container Store. It has wheels too, so you can wheel it out of your house if there's ever an emergency and you and your bags have to evacuate!

    Thanks for the compliments everyone! :heart:I'm getting ready to move and have been foraging through everything I own in an effort to pair down, and it's made me realize how much I love my paddies.
  9. I need that trunk too! What a find. And your paddies are awesome and you are not going to have to worry about running into a look-alike! :supacool:
  10. so pretty and different! thanks for sharing
  11. Wow.... great variety of unique bags indeed!! They are beautiful.
  12. Ooooh!! They are unique and I love them!!
  13. Beautiful collection! Congrats! Definitely unique!
  14. Great collection... I love all three, but the or especially.
  15. I'm like you in preferring the quirky Paddies. What a fabulous collection you've edited it out to!