My Collection of Handbags, this is almost all, i have approx. 15 more unlisted

  1. Hey all I have several nice bags and hope to grow my sparce collection. I like collecting and wearing classic pieces. I will keep my eye out for purple, green, pink, yellow and orange handbags. Watch my collection grow.

    Thanks for looking

    First here's my Banana Republic bag, it's sort of a saddle bag, nice rich color

    My Coach suede bag

    Melie Bianco bag, i love this cognac color, inspired by the muse i think.

    Moroccan tote bag, gorgeous color

    Silver Old Navy purse

    White Coach soho bag, i have the smaller in brown also

    Louis Vuitton Epi Mabillion, great hands-free bag

    Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Pcohette

    Roberto Cavalli

    Louis Vuitton Thompson Street, love the bright red now a collector's item, because this color is discontinued

    Coach multicolored bag, it's made of wool, forget what it's called, i have the smaller bag too

    Blue Coach basket weave summer tote

    Chloe Betty Tote, chocolate

    Marc Jacobs Stam hobo, love this bag

    Fendi B bag in black, so classic

    Louis Vuitton Damier, Speedy 30, still considering getting this bag in Azur and monogram in 40. what do you think?
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    If you attach it instead of linking, we can see them w/o clicking on links.
  3. Very nice collection, thanks for sharing
  4. love this
    Louis Vuitton Thompson Street the red is amazing!
  5. Love the LVs and B-bag!
  6. lol, sorry about the unmade bed, i had just awakened from sleep and wanted to display my bags. i tried to put them all up, but the files were so large, this is how my husband suggested i do it, without having to resize all the photos which can be a pain. sorry for the inconenience this may cause to anyone.

    thanks for looking.
  7. wow great collection:heart:
  8. Beautiful collection! I'm in :heart: with the B Fendi in black
  9. Thanks!
  10. Lovely collection, congrats! Cavalli bag is very unusual, love his stuff! :smile:
  11. great collection!! thanks for sharing!!
  12. I like the Betty! :smile:
  13. thanks for looking guys, i hope to add more soon, i need to take it easy, i've recently bought the chloe, mj and fendi and lv pochette in the last 3 months

    i'm not rich so it's definetely too much spending. lol
    i'm eyeing the huge chloe edith bowler or chloe tracy next, i also want the lv saleya damier or azur
  14. Great collection! I love your Damier Azur Pochette.
  15. Fabulous collection! The Mono Speedy 40 is great for traveling...go for it!