My collection of bags, I didn't realize that it was this bad!

  1. Hey everyone, I love looking at photos of everyone's bags here so here is my collection of bags. I have done a few family shots - one misc bags, one shot of clutches, one shot of LV and of Chanel. Enjoy! This is so bad, now I know where all my money goes! I wish that I could add Hermes to my collection soon.
  2. Forgot to include the Chanel family and B-bags.
    Pic1%20Resized%201080.jpg Pic%202%20Closeup.jpg PICT0321.JPG
  3. And this is what I buy when it's not bags, shoes!! I love Christian Louboutins, he creates the most perfect shoes.
  4. Great collection!!
  5. Fantastic collection of bags AND shoes, thanks for sharing them with us!!
  6. Incredible collection! Holy smokes!
  7. Very Nice !!
  8. Great collection:flowers:
  9. WOW x10- just absolutely AMAZING! I love your Olympes!
  10. Amazing Colection! esp Love your Le fab's & gucci clutch!! your shoes are Tdf!!
  11. Love them all! The Olympes and B-bags - :love:
  12. Great bag collection!! Love your Christian Louboutins collection too! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Love your LV collection!! BRAVO!!! :woohoo:
  14. Holy sh*t, you have the most fabulous bags and I am in all of them.
  15. Valleyoppressed - I am so in love with the Olympe collection. I couldn't help myself when this collection came out and I had to get a bag in each style, they are just so incredibly practical because of their size and comfort, but they look great too!