My Collection of Bags and wallets!

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  1. Beautiful collection love :heart:the chanels especially the white one!!
  2. Gorgeous Collection! LOVE the Stams and Chanels and the pink BV is TDF!!
  3. bella, the two new YSL are so beautiful. What happened to your white chanel tote?
  4. whatta great collection!
    thanx for sharing! :yes:
  5. Juliet,

    I actually returned the tote. I wore it out one day and by the end of the day, there was all these fine black speckles on the white caviar and it wouldn't even come off. I took it back and showed it to the SA and I just got a refund. I don't think I can do a start white bags's too high maintenance! So I don't know if that was from me wearing it that day, but I was not even wearing a black top or bottom or if it had existed before and I couldn't see it under dim light. However, I plan to buy a light beige caviar one day to make it up!

    And thanks for the kind comments everyone!
  6. Love the red MJ
  7. Love the Venetia and the Chanels!
  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that Damier Soho!!! Sooo jealous! ;)
  9. love your chanel. great collection!! thabks for sharing!!
  10. Nice-
  11. Love the red MJ!
  12. ohh, your Prada Messenger is soooo beautiful. But Naylon isn´t what for me:thinking:, or? mhhh :smile:
  13. I love your Chanels and BV!
  14. Great collection!
  15. you're perfectly normal, floodette,

    when i got home & took out the blue pashmy i can't stop staring at it either. It's been a week since I purchased it and still can't stop staring at it!

    That's what happens if we get an HG bag!