My Collection of Bags and wallets!

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  1. OMG, bella1, I've got three now, icy taupe, nappa black, patent chalk! And if they decide to do a midnight blue, I'm getting it!!!!:love:

  2. I feel so sad missing out on the icy taupe. I'm currently waiting for my new black stam to arrive tomorrow or today. I have even left a note in front of the door telling the post office person to make sure he knocks if the door bell doesn't work. This is an addiction. I have all my other bags nicely arranged inside the closet, but the Putty always next to my desk. I love the blue suede lining of it. I'm not too trilled about the beige suede of the black. I think the last season's purple lining was gorgeous!
  3. wow - great collection. Good luck with your Ebay sales too.

    (I love Hermes packaging)
  4. Very nice! Great collections!
  5. My black is the resort 06. It has the burgundy suede interior but the shiny hardware. It's gorgeous!! You will love the black. It's very classic! I get so many compliments when I use it!

  6. Thanks for sharing! Love, love, love your Marc collection!
  7. Woohoo! My black stam arrived today. It is gorgeous! Here it is:

    Attached Files:

  8. Gor-ge-us!!! It looks great on you!! :nuts:
  9. Awesome collection!
  10. I love your collection. Who is the designer of the pink bag next to the pink chanel wallet? It's so cute!
  11. Love the chanel B&W! And the BV wallet is soooo pretty!!!
  12. Hi Rubygirl-it's an evening pouch by Salvatore Ferragamo. Inside silk fabric is made of light pink w/yellow polka dots. It's really adorable. It's come in handy when I go to a friend's wedding during spring/summer. They have similar design in wristlet now (w/out the gold chain handle) and it's more affordable too! The leather is very soft:
  13. thanks bella1. The apricot & magnolia ones that are now available are nice...but I love your pink one with the gold chain. :smile:
  14. Nice collection :biggrin:
    Gorgeos Prada's!! :love: i really l:huh::huh::huh::huh:ve that rich brown color!!
    and that LV soho backpack.. may i ask you what do u think of it? its really growing up on me!! do u think its size is good enough for work? :amuse:

    thanks for sharing and EnJoy ur beautiful collection :biggrin:
  15. Nice MJs and Chanels.