My Collection of Bags and wallets!

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm fairly new here. People have been very friendly so far. Just as I enjoy looking at your gorgeous collections, I thought I'd share mine as well. :biggrin: I'm planning to keep forever all items in the first 4 pictures and the items contained in the wallet pictures.

    1st picture: MJ Pomegranate Venetia, MJ Petal Pink Sophia, MJ Putty Stam (and should be receiving my MJ Black Stam soon as well!)

    2nd picture: Chanel black caviar classic quilted flap, Chanel white caviar small tote

    3rd picture: Bottega Veneta chocolate large woven hobo, LV Damier Soho

    4th picture: Prada shoulder backpack(messenger bag), Prada small backpack

    5th picture: Lolli by Reincarnation in Pewter, Hana (hand designed with Kimono fabric by Japanese artist, bought on Honeymoon trip at Prince Maui hotel store), G Series brown studded suede cross shoulder hobo

    6th picture: LV Epi Red 6 keychain, LV Black Monogram Mat Ludlow wallet, LV Damier french wallet, Chanel Pink Caviar wallet, Bottega Veneta black woven long wallet, Ferragamo evening clutch, Prada dark purple nylon wallet and its matching makeup case

    7th picture: rest of my LV collection that I'm currently selling on Ebay (trying to get rid of small leather goods since I haven't used them over large bags...I know I's hard to let go...but they've been sitting in my closet! And there's one Ferragamo clutch in there, it's gorgeous but I can't justify keeping the Chanel black 2.55 AND this...they have the same functionality)

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  2. :love: Your Chanel bags are beautiful! Graet collection.
  3. Thank you Greendrv!

    Here are the rest of the pictures describe above. Also, I've added in my Hermes large Ulysses notebook I received as a gift from my co-worker in the past.

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  4. Love the Chanels, great collection :nuts:
  5. the stam is so the chanels...great collection!
  6. Bella,
    I would love to buy one of your gorgeous LV bags for my mom...what name are you using on ebay?
  7. Great collection!
  8. Hi uhkiwi,

    It's under my hubby's account username, which I will pm you. I had sold 4 last week already (not in pictures) and the rest are ending today. I'm quite sad to let them go, but my husband lured me to buy me the BV and Chanels for for long term use if I gave up some of the stuff I'd been storing. So the Chanels and the BV is from that (and of course b/c Valentines and wedding anniversary all are close to e/o) One thing I regret is selling off the LV speedy 25 to my relative few years back, UGH!
  9. Great collection. Those stams are addicting arent' they! Beautiful!
  10. Greenie,

    Yes! I've been carrying the Stam bag exclusively for the past 2 weeks. They're great to dress up and down. Even the shoulder metal strap is very comfortable and never slides off. My mother actually fell in love w/it last year but she couldn't track one down. She had never been a handbag person, but she said this was the first time where she felt like she HAD to have this bag and was love at first sight. Luckily, MJ included stam in their s/s '06 line, so I was able to get on the waitlist. She was so thankful and excited about it that she insisted she get me the black one~~ I said, 'of course!' :nuts:
  11. wow! i totally want your MJ bags! And your chanel!!!

    thanks so much for sharing!!!

    ***dreams about owning a Chanel****
  12. Love your Chanels and the Bottega Veneta!!! Grrrrrrreat collection!!!
  13. Terrific collection! Love the rich color of your BV!
  14. Such diversity in your collection!
  15. Thanks for sharing! I like your BV...