My collection of B bags

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  1. i got a black twiggy about over a month ago and finally had a chance to take pics of my small collection.

  2. Yummy!

    Weren't you the lucky gal to nab that Metallic Mini Twiggy for such a cheap price???
  3. Aww, such an adorable little family you have there.:P Congrats.:yahoo:
  4. Great collection. The leather on your twiggy looks TDF!!
  5. wow..i love the metallic....and the leather on the twiggy looks yummy too....^_^
  6. Great collection u have....thanks for sharing....:love::love:
  7. Love your Bbag family ... especially your beautiful mini twiggy!
  8. Awesome!!!

    I'll keep an eye out for you and them on my Bay Area bal sightings ;)
  9. Not that cheap but i did get a deal from another Seller from ALVA board
  10. Oops, my mistake! I remember someone was able to locate a metallic mini twiggy for about $90 at a Barneys Outlet.

    Gorgeous- regardless.
  11. Very nice Bbags family! Your Metallic Mini is so cute. thanks for sharing.
  12. Beautiful bags, love the orange, so cute! Thanks for the pictures, congrats!
  13. HOT! Great colours too...I've always has a soft spot for the metallic orange :rolleyes: It would be great to see modelling pics of you and your met-orange :graucho:
  14. i'm jealous of that twiggy!!
  15. Love the first color and the leather on the twiggy.. deelish!