My collection of accessories and bags

  1. Not too big, but I have collected the makeup clutch, compagnon and city in camel (all 06) i have an 05 twiggy in black and an 04 restored first in turquoise (lovin my bags did great) anyway, its not too big a collection, but i love them all!!!:P (my camera isn't the best, there is no way to tell how beautiful they are with a little camera phone!!)

    (also the coin purse is in ink!!!!)
    1102061158.jpg 1115061907.jpg 1115061905.jpg 1102061200.jpg
  2. Very nice! I want your ink coin purse.....seriously, I want it bad.....

    Thanks for sharing!:smile:
  3. my first and twiggy look awful in the pics, i will try again as soon as my battery charges up!!!!:yes:
  4. thanks so much lori!!!! the good thing about loving my coin purse, its the cheapest!!!!!! lol
  5. Nice collection Julie! I love your accessories especially the ink!
  6. I can't find an ink coin purse anywhere and I want one so much...I used to have an ink First and I miss the color so much. I'd love to have an ink accessory.
  7. Thanks for sharing! I love the little accessories, the ink is very nice. :love:
  8. lovely gang.....thx for sharing :smile:
  9. thanks guys, will try and update with better pics today!!!:yes:
  10. Great colors. I'm expecting my camel today!
  11. Beautiful bags!! The coin purse is so cute.
  12. What a GORGEOUS collection you have!!!!!!!:love: You have great pieces there!!! Love all the colors!!!!!!!:heart: What's your favorite?????
  13. Lovely collection!
  14. Sweet collection!:heart:
  15. awesome collection...thanks for sharing! :flowers: