my collection (lv chanel...)

  1. i just move from london to la last year, hope can find some friends here.
    i have some small collections hope you will love them.
    chanel bag1.jpg DSC04804副本.jpg my bearbrick3.jpg
  2. Love this bag-
  3. very cute shoes! :smile:
  4. Hot hot hot! Congrats!
  5. cute bearbrick and bags
  6. nice!
  7. Lovely chanel doll.

    What price for this one when you purchased.

    I find it long time.
  8. that chanel doll is sooo cute!!
  9. Loooove the bag! so hot!
  10. it's a vip gift, i love it too.
  11. a bit more, i am trying to resize some of them
    i hate the size limitation!!!
    chanel 12.jpg lv5.jpg lv6.jpg lv7.jpg lv8.jpg
  12. a bit confused about how to gathering the photoes together:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sad:
  13. GORGEOUS collection!!!:love: LOVE your J12 and what is that CHANEL doll?:nuts: SO CUTE!!!
  14. Love your Chanels!
  15. Congrats!