My collection is growing....

  1. thanx to u guys! LOL

    Now I did have a little hassle with getting my orders straightened out and once everything got here I decided not to keep the fragrance print tote and beauty case meanwhile I think I've become addicted to eBay. Nevertheless, here's the result. (please forgive my camera phone, it sucks majorly )

    first up:Signature Coin Purse (pink), Black Hamptons Weekend Tote (small) Medium Carly , Legacy Wristlet, Small Signature Cosmetic case (green), Sribble Tote and scribble Wristlet

    Next:Scribble Beauty Case, Scribble Ponytail Scarf, Peony Sunglasses (tortoise) Fragrance Print Scarf, Scarf Print Large Tote:heart: , Fragrance Print Wristlet, Signature Gallery Double Pocket Tote


    and last but certainly not least: Large Denim Carly !!!:nuts:


    this is the last thing I'm waiting for seller shipped it today :
  2. HMMM...I've never seen that last gold piece with the bow...

    GREAT collection! WOW!
  3. Great collection!!!!
  4. thanks!! I love my new Denim Carly and that Scarf Print Tote :heart:
  5. I have the small version of your bag (3rd pic). How do you keep the suede from getting dirty. I find it very hard to take care, any sugguestions....:smile:
  6. Well technically even though that bag is old, it's new to me....still has the tags. I won it on eBay last week. I'm wondering about the suede care myself.:shrugs:
  7. beautiful collection!
  8. Nice collection! I really like that green cosmetic case! :smile:
  9. Beautiful collection - that little optic coin purse is sweet.
  10. Adorable! You got some really beautiful pieces and I would love to see you model that carly denim!
  11. Very nice! Love the carly's
  12. Beautiful collection!!!!
  13. LOVELY!!!!

    i'm so mad i wasn't "into" Coach when that scarf print was out...
  14. oh and thanks a lot! now i am totally torn between the chocolate carly and denim carly! i'll probably just end up getting each version of them in accesory form!
  15. Wow, that's some collection. Everything is lovely!