My collection is complete...?

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What do I do?

  1. Keep the Galliera

  2. Exchange Galliera for Carryall

  3. Forget them both...the Speedy is enough

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Okay, so I may want to add a pochette cosmétique, but I think I might be done for now. In two months I have amassed a few key pieces. My question is, should I exchange the Galliera for a Carryall? I don't travel much, maybe a couple of times a year, and every once in a while DH and I take a vacation. So...keep Galliera and wait (probably quite a while) on the Carryall? Or go for the Carryall and pass on the Galliera?

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  2. Love your MC Wapity!!!

    IMO you should keep the Galliera. It's nice to have a shoulder bag and a handheld bag, KWIM?
  3. I say keep the Galliera!
  4. Sounds like you would get more use from the Galliera. I'd say keep it and again as princess_eab said it's nice to have both a handheld and shoulder bag.
  5. Don't travel much? .... if you buy the carry all, it will sit in your closet....the Galliera will get more use...
  6. Galliera!
  7. Galliera for sure!
  8. Keep the Galliera. Seems like you'll get more use out it. You can always save up for the carryall and get that later.
  9. Since you don't travel much, I suggest just keeping the Galliera. When you need a break from your Speedy and need a shoulder bag ... then the Galliera will come in handy!
  10. Keep the Galliera! Since you don't travel much, it seems like a waste to get the Carryall. Plus the Galliera is so beautiful!
  11. Keep your Galliera since you don't travel all that much. Plus you can always use a shoulder bag!
  12. I am with the majority. I say keep the Galleria. It's more fun to change up your everyday bag than to pull out a travel piece every once in a while. JMO! :smile:
  13. Keep the Galleria! :yes: It looks fabulous on you! I hope this is not because of what your "friend" said... :nogood:
  14. im loving it !!
  15. keep the galliera, your breaks will not be as frequent as using the galliera and the speedy on an almost daily basis, keep switching every few days, will be fun!