My collection is complete! ....I think

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  1. Hello everyone

    I would like to contribute a bit more to this forum and show you my small collection.

    I started buying VCA after I got some pieces from Cartier. I feel VCA is more special for some reason. I also love the fact that very few people know what it is and when they complement it is because they see beyond the brand name.

    Here comes the pics


    Don't you just love this white boxes?

    My first piece was this pair of sweets, I never thought I would go for this but when I saw them at the boutique I was totally sold. They are so gorgeous and the size is perfect for me. I've had so many compliments on this studs is crazy. More compliments than any other material thing I've ever owned in my life and I'm not joking [emoji1]

    Sweet Alhambra yellow gold and onyx studs


    Next is my VCA hg, this ring was what made me fall for this brand. First I saw it in picture and I loved it, I think is was a magazine or a catalogue I'm not sure. When I finally had the chance to try it one I knew I had to have it.

    Pure Alhambra yellow gold and onyx ring

    The quality in this ring is so beautiful but impossible to capture in picture. The way the stone is shaped and set is flawless. The ring is heavy and very solid, I absolutely love it, my favorite piece of jewelry.


    Finally my new pendant
    I haven't used this one yet but I love how simple it is, I just got it a couple of days ago.

    Vintage Alhambra yellow gold onyx


    I won't be wearing all of them at the same time because is too matchy for my taste but each piece is so gorgeous I couldn't be happier. The reason I think my collection is complete is because there isn't other pieces that suit me.
    I find so many other necklaces and bracelets beautiful but they are too femenine.

    So I think this is it for me, thanks for reading and I hope I inspired someone out there to go shopping.

    Family picture

  2. Beautiful collection!!!!!!!
  3. Beautiful -- It really is the perfect collection.

    I am guessing by your username that you are a guy. If so, I would love to see modeling pics. I am also a guy who likes VCA and am thinking about the single motif pendant and the pure alhambra ring, so I'd greatly appreciate seeing how another guy wears them...PM me if you want :smile:
  4. You have a beautiful collection! And I agree with you...VCA is very special and I love the fact that not everyone and their mother knows about it.
  5. Beautiful black onyx
  6. absolutely stunning! I'd love to see how you styled it all
  7. Great collection! I especially love the ring, now I want to see one in person. Congrats!
  8. very pretty VCA family :smile:
  9. Congrats AL. Lovely choices. Thanks for sharing. ��
  10. Lovely pieces! May I ask why you chose vintage rather than pure for the pendant? Personally, I love the pure, just disappointed they discontinued grey MOP with WG.

  11. Thank you very much
    Yes I'm a guy, I have a modeling pic of the ring. I haven't worn the pendant yet but I will post a mod pic as soon as I do :smile:

    I was a bit afraid the pendant will be too "delicate" looking on me, but is not. It looks very simple and I love that.
    The ring is very substantial that makes it perfect on men.

  12. Thanks sweetie :smile: I'm also a Cartier fan but I kinda dislike when people recognize my bracelet and immediately know is pricey [emoji107]

  13. Thank you [emoji4]
    I was debating between the two, but at the end I decided to have every piece from different lines.

    I like Vintage Alhambra so much but unfortunately the single motif is the only piece I can see myself wearing.
  14. That's a great set you have there and I love the ring on you!
    Enjoy your beautiful VCA pieces and thank you for sharing :smile:.

  15. NICE!!! works perfectly with the LOVE bangle!!!
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