My collection is complete...I think...maybe...for now..

  1. I don't usually post photos, partly because of laziness and partly because I usually have a bag coming or going! But, I think I am going to maintain for a while, so I'll post my *collection*!

    Hope you like the pictures!
    Chanel 1.JPG Chanel 2.JPG Chanel 3.JPG
  2. Gorgeous! Your brown vintage tote is :heart:.
  3. Very nice! What color is your vintage ligne tote? Love your violet lambskin flap, btw.:heart:
  4. :nuts: WOW~ What a beautiful collection!!!
  5. wow!! very nice collection there! i love the lambskin black e/w and the purple flap!!
  6. Mon, that is the chocolate/dark brown. I had it in the Dark White and the Black, but wasn't in love, you know? I ended up sending them back or selling. Got the Chocolate, and thought, "this is perfect!".

    Thanks for the compliments, ladies!
  7. So Gorgeous!
  8. Beautiful collection!!!
  9. Tami, your Chanel collection is gorgeous. I love all the flaps, I am drooling over your bordeaux reissue, violet flap, beige double flap.
  10. wow great collection so versatile
  11. Very classy collection. Thanks for sharing those pics, they are amazing.
  12. Beautiful pieces. Gorgeous collection. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Great collection. I love them all.
  14. OMG. Your bordeaux reissue!! :drool:
    What size is it? LOVE
  15. So many bags!!! And they are all Chanel!!! Weeeeeeeeee