1. Hi & welcome, very nice collection
  2. I'm going to COACH after work to get some of their new stuff!!! :yahoo:
  3. Wow Roz I forgot I was at work for a second there! :wtf:
  4. Great Collection! you have some great pieces. Welcome to the forum
  5. wow, don't know where to start, I love all your bags....when you have time other than the obvious Dooney, what are the bags?

  6. I LOVE your pink and White tote. What style # is that??? I want one!!! :yes:
  7. Welcome to tpf!!! You have a great collection!!
  8. Welcome to tPF!!! Great collection! I love the lilac lurex Coach bag!!:yes:
  9. Welcome! :yes:

    Great collection!
  10. SORRY wrong link...
  11. aww I keep getting an error page.
  12. i keep getting an error page as well, but welcome to tPF!

  13. ditto! :yes: